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Prep Time: 15 Min

Total Time: 15 Min

Makes: 1 serving


  • 1/2 tsp. peanut butter
  • 4 pieces Post Honeycomb Cereal
  • 13 honey graham sticks, divided
  • 1 chocolate graham snack


  • Use small dabs of peanut butter to attach 4 of the cereal pieces to 1 of the graham sticks for the wheels and base of the car.
  • Stand graham snack in car, securing with remaining peanut butter.
  • Arrange remaining 12 graham sticks, end-to-end, on large tray for the sides of the road. Place car in the lane.

Tips and Suggestions

Substitute: Prepare as directed, using your favorite flavors of graham sticks or graham snacks.

Nutrition Bonus: Your kids will love making this fun treat that can fit into a healthful eating plan.


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