Cinnamon Cluster Pancakes

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Prep Time: 10 Min

Total Time: 25 Min

Servings: 6 servings



  1. Mix cereal, flour and baking powder in medium bowl; set aside. Beat eggs and milk with wire whisk until well blended. Add to cereal mixture; mix well.
  2. Preheat large nonstick griddle or skillet sprayed with cooking spray on medium heat. Ladle batter onto griddle, using 1/4 cup batter for each pancake. Cook until bubbles form on tops, then turn over to brown other sides.
  3. Serve topped with the yogurt and fruit.

Tips and Suggestions

Substitute: Prepare as directed, using your favorite flavor of low-fat yogurt.

Nutrition Bonus: Start your day out right with these easy-to-make pancakes. As a bonus, they are an excellent source of iron from the fortified cereal.


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